Friday, March 25, 2011


 Mall time :)

 Stephy finally getting her Birthday Present from Benny :) What else?? Sneakers!!!

Manicure time :) hmmmm still debating if I like it or not... what you think???

Now Baby's R us !!!

Stephy loves this place..she tells me "it makes me want a baby brother or sister" ...

And this is me "Hellz to the Nahhhhh I dont want to hear it!!! lol Just  Kidding 1 day though 1 day!!!

 Registries can be soo confusing...

No no no "not right now"
forever21 cardigan and tank~express pants~gojane patent heels~thrifted clutch 
my big O purse is Michael Kors ;)

TGIF!!!! Is All I can say  "What a Week" !!! Im sooo ready to enjoy the weekend and finally sleep in and relax!! I had a little running around to do after work today and brought my partner in crime little Stephy with me  :) hope you enjoy all the pictures..    


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I Goodie 2 Shoes said...

Yikes is right! But you look CuYuTe!!!

love the pink n black