Monday, April 29, 2013

Black & White...


Zara heels~thrifted skirt~Giti top(old)~F21 cuff& earrings~Target Mossimo watch

Hi everyone!!! Today I couldn't wait to share my outfit. I'm in love with my new heels from Zara. These shoes have a story though, when I first saw them it was really late one night and I told myself tomorrow morning as soon as I wake up I'm going to get them. I kid you not I couldn't sleep just waiting for morning so I can order them. When I wake up the next morning and I get ready to pull out my credit card the shoes were out of stock and had a"coming back soon" sign . I was devastated!!I waited I think a little over a week or so and that was the longest wait of my life. I kid you not I stalk the website every chance I got. Finally when they became available again I bought them in a size 7 1/2 since Zara doesn't carry size 7 and when finally I received my shoes they fit 1 full size bigger than normal :((((. I was devastated again!! Well long story short I ended up ordering a 6 1/2 and received them this past Saturday and I couldn't be any happier!! I couldn't wait to wear them but the  weather this weekend was rainy and I wanted to wait for some wonderful weather before I rocked them!! And let me tell you they fit and look perfect and these will for sure be a staple in my spring/summer outfits!!  These are my newest most favorite shoes right this moment and they will be on full rotation for sure!! Hope you all enjoy the pictures!


Saturday, April 27, 2013

rocker chic...

Thrifted skirt~Lulus heels~F21 top & Love necklace~Nyc purchased jacket(old)~random accessories

Hello everyone!! This outfit I'm sharing today is one of my fun outfits I wore to work this week. I absolutely love this skirt and I've had it for over 8 months now the only reason I haven't worn it was because I couldn't fit the darn skirt. I found it one day thrifting and when I went to try it on waist wise I couldn't even button it but, I loved it so much and knew I needed to loose some weight so I held on to it and started my weight loss journey. I just knew one day I was going to be able to wear it with out feeling like the button was going to pop off. I forgot about it and then going thru my closet the other day I took it out and tried it on and omg it fit perfectly and I even had some extra waist room!!  I was so happy and proud of myself at the same time! There was no hesitation on what to wear that day for work because I had already put an outfit together in my head months ago. I felt amazing when I put the look together and couldn't wait to post the pictures. This skirt will forever have a special place in my heart and every time I wear I'm going to remember all the blood sweat and discipline it took for me to be able to get to a size where I could wear it and feel comfortable in it. Hope you all enjoy the pictures and the skirt lol. 


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mix Prints...

Charlotte Russe top~F21pants~Baker heels(old)~thrifted clutch~random accessories

Hello everyone!! Today I'm sharing my Monday work outfit. I'm always scared to do the mix print trend. I see it on everyone else and love it but when it comes to me putting one together I just can't do it. It's like I get ready but can't leave the house. Well I decided to mix prints in a subtle way by pairing the prints not so close together hoping it will work. I didn't get any stares at work so I think I did ok. I will let you all be the judge of that. Hopefully I will soon be brave enough to mix a top and bottom piece before the trend fades. Enjoy the pictures everyone!!


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Matchy Matchy...

Forever21 shoes,skinnies,blouse and belt~ Michael Kors watch~Charlotte Russe accessories

Happy Sunday everyone! Today I wanted to share my matchy matchy outfit with you all. This outfit was inspired on a last minute no outfit in mind morning right before work. I had woken up with these shoes in mind and skinnies with another top in mind that was until I went into my closet and saw that this blouse perfectly matched my sandals and I just had to put them together. As soon as I saw the entire look I had to blog this one I absolutely love the combo of beige black and cobalt together. Hope you all like it as much as I did. Enjoy the pictures.

P.S. excuse the tint of red in my hair no is not a new color I went to a "Holi" Party which is a celebration and  a festival of colors and it got all over me and It's been the hardest thing to come out. Hopefully as the days go by it will come out lol.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bold Stripes...

~Prabal Gurung heels & clutch Target~F21 Denim top,tank & accessories~Papaya pants~

Hi everyone!! So happy to be sharing these pictures. I'm absolutely in love with this outfit specially these fab pants! Bold stripe are such a big trend right now and the fact that they're also black and white another hot trend, I couldn't have asked for more. I know for a fact these will be on steady rotation cause I love them and have all kinds of other outfit in mind so stay tune for those.
 Hope you all enjoy the pictures.


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Distressed & Peplum...

~Zara courtchain heels~F21 peplum top,jeans&accessories~Target clutch~

Happy Sunday everyone!! Today I wanted to share one of my weekend outfits the weather was beautiful  and it was so great to get out there an enjoy it. One of my favorite trends right now is peplum and if I can wear a peplum top every day I would. I recently purchased these jeans at Forever21 and I'm so in love with them. I've been wanting to buy distressed jeans and finally found a pair that fit to the T. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend I can't believe tomorrow is Monday again . Enjoy the pictures everyone!