Thursday, March 24, 2011

Windy Houndstooth Thursday...

Accesories make me smile :) :) :) off to work!!!

 Walk with me...

Ugghh, this wind omg!!! It did not give me a break!! 

~Ahhhhh liberating~ 

 Houndstooth dress that I've had since forever
Forever 21 hoops bangles and ring heels
Knowstyle belt

Houndstooth to me, definitely a classic, it's like leopard u can wear it with today since it was a little windy and cold I decided to go ahead and pull it out of my closet from wayyy in the back lol cause I was totally making room for the spring stuff and still act like winter is still here..anyways hope we get better weather and less wind this weekend!! What you guys think?  Have a wonderful evening everyone..



Super cute girly! Love it!

~Jeimy~ said...

aww thanks Debz hey i sent you a message on FB hit me back when you have a chance ;)

Villa Bisono said...

OMG Jeimy!!!!!! You finally started your blog...I am so happy for you and you look amazing as always!!! I need to post more things on mine, been so busy starting my Interior Design blog...check it out.

Girl, we need to def hang out man! I miss you and it's been too long. Maybe this summer I can go to ATL and visit!!!!!