Friday, September 30, 2011

Red& Sheer Polka Dots...

Giti Skinny Jeans~Thrifted Polka dot top~Urbanog Wedges~Thrifted clutch~F21belt & accessories

Happy Friday!! So happy the weekend is finally here. There's soo many things going  on right now and  I'm in all kinds of excitement and anxiousness I'm looking forward to a great weekend with my family and my boyfriend's family too!! I guess I didn't tell ya My honey is coming home my honey is coming home!! Although is only for a short amount of time, whatever time we get together is always wonderful and every time I see him again it's like falling in love all over again :) :) :) About my outfit Yes I brought my red skinnies out again!!! Yeah I know it's been a while ha ha ha these are by far my favorite jeans in the entire world and I guess since these are a big more stretchy I can still wear them because the two pairs I bought over the summer the green and blue ones no longer fit I know that's a good thing since I've lost some weight but on the down side I loved those two colors skinnies but they're just too big!! Not complaining just saying!! This was yesterday's work outfit ofcourse since my blouse is sheer I wore a tank top underneath but took it off cause it was way too hot and it's all about the Sheer look :) Have a fabulous weekend everyone!!


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Burgundy, My Fall Color Obsession...

 Ann Taylor very old blouse~Shoe land Heels~ Giti Skinnies~F21 belt,bangle& ring

This color will be my Fall\Winter color. I'm totally obsessed and every thing I put together lately just involves this color in all different shades but has to be burgundy!! I'm in love!! I'm sure this wont be the last time you see it on here. Hope you guys enjoy the pictures :) What's the color that has been on your mind these days?


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Charming Charlie...


Stephy stay focus we came in here for earrings and a bracelet not a watch... lol


Trying to see if her shoes match this cute clutch.. not quite!!!

My outfit real quick...
New york& company blazer~Shoeland Heels~F21 sequin tank, Jeans& cuff

fell in love with this watch, but just like I told Stephy to stay focused she was like "mom we're not shopping for you :( so I had to put it back!!! Noooooo

On our mission to finding the perfect accessories for Stephy's Homecoming outfit we ended up at this amazing store "Charming Charlie" it's like a Claire's on Crack lol. Omg the minute I walked in I felt like a princess and I wanted to buy everything. My friends kept telling me you have to go there you love accessories and I just never made time to go. And although I just went in and out and actually didn't find exactly what Stephy needed and I was also pressed for time I told myself I'm gonna make a day out of it and go and check it out on my down time. They have shoes,scarfs,watches everything you can possibly think of and they have every thing  by color which makes it great to just go straight to what you're looking for. The prices were also very affordable. I can't wait to go back. I took a minute to take a few pics but I feel like this pictures do not do any justice to the store and everything they have! If there's one by your area take the time to go and check it out!! Hope you guys enjoy the pictures !!