Thursday, June 30, 2011

Prints in the Night...

Thrifted romper&Belt~GoJane Sandals~No brand in Purse from Burlington coat Fa.

Last nite my honey and I decided to go see Transformers 3 so I have the luxury of wearing 2 outfits and take pictures for both :) yayyy me !!! I got this romper at a thrift store and was iffey about it at first cause I thought it looked too much like a grand mother's romper lol but once I put it on and added my favorite pieces of the summer my cognac Gojane sandals and belt omg it did it for me ( I know you guys might be sick of me wearing my cognac sandals with belt and my bag but I loveeeee them!!!) when my honey saw it he loved it and thought it look really cute on me :) I must say I love Thrifting it's become one of my favorite things to do and I just find the best things ever.  I know I will be wearing this romper again soon, I wasn't able to wear it out like I wanted to all day long so Im definitely working on accessorizing it a little different next time around and wearing it soon. Sorry about my pictures being soo shiny in the face area lately, now that  the Summer weather  is here omg I just can't seem to have a matte look on my face with all this heat it's been above 90 since late April :(  Hope everyone is having a great Thursday soo far . I'm soo ready for the long weekend ahead!!


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Casual Stripes...

 heels and grass a big no no ... lol

Thrifted blazer~H&M top~F21 jeans~Shoeland Sandals

Casual Wednesday at work, and a picnic lunch with my honey how much better can this day get?
I found this blazer when I went thrift shopping last Tuesday for a steal I was running late as usual today and was about to wear my Red H&M blazer instead with red shoes and thought to myself that's soo expected when wearing navy and white so I changed my shoes to these fuchsia sandals and changed my blazer and it worked out just fine. Hope you guys like the combo :)

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Turquoise Blue...

 H&M Necklace~Giti Jeans~Gojane Sandals~Thrifted Clutch~Apt9 Blouse

I've had this H&M necklace for about three weeks now. When I saw it I got it not because I needed it but just because it's such a beautiful piece of jewelry I hung it on my dresser mirror for days and days and everyday would look at it and no inspiration would come to mind . This morning while getting ready for work I had my entire outfit on and was ready to head out the door and I happen to see it and I said you know what I'm gonna wear it today!! and for some reason that was what my outfit was missing some "pop" of color ,when I looked in my closet I found this vintage clutch I've had forever and paired it with my ring and it just all some how work themselves together into this outfit. That's the magic of fashion you make it your own :)

Happy Tuesday Everyone !!!

 P.S. Thank you to my honey for taking my pictures everyday he's getting better and better :)


Monday, June 27, 2011

Lunch by the Lake...

vintage pants and clutch~f21top~gojane heels

My honey picked me up for lunch today and took me to this amazing park with this beautiful lake we took advantage of the scenery and he took this pictures of me today. Usually my daughter Stephy takes my pictures but she's off to Nyc for the next month visiting my mother and sisters. He was soo sweet taking the pictures and he told me Im gonna get better I promise I have a month to practice. awww he's the best ever!!Hope everyone is having a great Monday soo far. Now about the outfit I've had these pants in my closet for months now I got them back in December and just didn't have any inspiration on how to put it together. I thru some pictures and I was like yep I got it now. I was kinda skeptical about the pants cause they are loose fitted and us hippy girls can't really do loose fitted pants cause I tend to look a little bigger than usual but I hope they worked out . what you think guys?