Friday, December 30, 2011

Made it safe to my 1st stop South Korea!!!

 Hi everyone!!!Just a quick update post. I finally made it thru my 15hour flight to South Korea, I must say the pilot was amazing and the landing was the bomb. Now I have a short lay over and will be in Osaka Japan in 5hrs I can't wait to finally see my honey!

 Since Im traveling alone I don't have any one to take my pictures and no tripod :( but this is what I wore although you can only see the top half  there's nothing like being comfy and also aiport chic. I know you guys have seen this top before on a previous post but with everything packed I wanted to pick something cute and comfy to travel in . I promise I will have tons of outfit post to share once Im situated.

 And since we're talking about being chic and comfy while traveling I wanted to share a couple of  celebrities traveling in style and looking so chic doing so.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sequin Inspired...

As I pack my bags for Japan I can't make up my mind which dress to wear for New Years Eve. I've been looking around for inspirations and I fell in love with "sequins". There's just something about that material that screams party, fun, laughter and tons of good times. I have several dresses I think I might go with but I just don't know which one yet, as the girly girl I am I know I will bring all 3 dresses and see which one makes the cut when I get there. I have a long flowy one, a short sequin one and a short white one so all three are beautiful in they're own way. I came across these pictures on Pinterest which is now my new obsession for all things beautiful. If you haven't check out the website please do is the most amazing place ever, and there's so many things to see you can get lost just browsing and seeing how creative people can be. I'm only 3days away from being in Japan and I can't wait. Hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far.
P.S. I wont be posting any outfit posts until I get to Japan on Saturday but please stop by and check out my pictures of my journey to Japan. 


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas...

Holiday decorations at my aunt's house they do an amazing job each year , they're creativity is breath taking how they make something so extraordinary from nothing.

My Christmas outfit, Thrifted skirt, old bebe top, F21 leggins and Shoe land booties.

 Stephy and I she's getting big and grown.

My honey skyping this morning from Japan while we opened our Christmas presents. Although we're apart we are always together some way some how. Thank you Skype for making it happen day in and day out for our family and for those families that are apart for so many other reasons.

Merry Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays hope everyone is having an amazing day with your love ones. 


Friday, December 23, 2011



H&M blazer~Charlotte Russe top~Michael Antonio boots

I wore this look today to finally finish my Christmas shopping . After a crazy day of shopping I'm home all the gifts are wrapped and I'm in bed with my Stephy watching "The Grinch" we love this movie
Happy Holidays Everyone!!!