Wednesday, September 18, 2013

20 weeks Pregnant!!!

        ~Forever21 maxi & necklace~Old Navy top~Random accessories~Shoeland sandals~

Hello everyone!! I can't believe how fast this pregnancy is moving along. I'm 5months 20 weeks pregnant today!! So excited and can't wait to know what we're having next week. We're so anxious cause I see so many cute things and haven't had the urge to buy any because I want to be 100% sure. Next Friday is the day I will keep you all posted!!
 Now about the outfit this maxi is a piece that keeps on giving I love it! I have been able to wear it all throughout the pregnancy and as the belly gets bigger and bigger this maxi is perfect it's super stretchy and comfy and it goes with everything! Just warning you know this maxi will be in full rotation! Enjoy the pictures everyone!

and while we were out and about I shot some pics of the honey he loves to take pictures just like me!!  awww how I miss him!!



melissa ward said...

Gorge shots....

Breakfast at Cindis said...

Half way there and looking fabulous !
Cute necklace.

Breakfast at Cindi’s

Corie said...

Well Jeimy you know that you're both a great looking couple. But you ma dear are so gorge...and still glowing.

LA Lynn's said...

U get cutier & cutier every time I see ur pics..l I know u can't wait for the baby! Great pics!!!! Keep smiling!!!!


ChocolateFashionCoffee said...

you look gorgeous! congrats dear :)

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FashionCadet said...

wow you look amazing. I love the whole look head to toe. cute sandals too

KeeKee said...

Looking good girlie!

Jaela Lopez said...

Very cute J, I'm happy for you and your family. I wishing its a boy... Lol. God bless you all and great maxi, you look great.

Onyxsta said...

All my favourite bloggers are preggers!
You look so radiant boo x