Thursday, June 9, 2011

Red Skinny Jeans....


I couldn't wait to wear my Red Skinny Jeans so all the other outfits for the week were post-pone just cause I wanted to wear them soo bad :)

here are my pics:


Corie said... I want some red skinnys. I only hope I look as good in mine as you do in yours.


Love the denim shirt with the skinnys too.

Shasie said...

You definitely wear them the best...That shot title coco perez, hers are absolutely too tight, that is not a good luck on that

Live Life in Style

DaBlackSjp said...

I like the red touch'
U got it ;-)

Anonymous said...

Corie looking forward to seeing you in your red skinnies girl ;) thank you for your commment xoxo

shasie thank you honey xoxo

and the dablacksjp :))) thank you honey

Im not sure why my profile is coming up anonymous lol but it's me and sorry Im soo late on replying back but Im gonna be more consistant