Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Closet Goodies :)

I went shopping yesterday Shhhhh don't tell the honey please and got me three key pieces that I know would be a great addition to my closet. Lately I've been thinking alot about what I buy and making sure that if I get it it's actually because I do really need it and it's also a piece that is versatile enough for me to wear it all the time with anything so with that said I got me these three pieces which I can not wait to wear !!

 the tops are from forever 21 at $4.80 a piece I knew it was a steal I kinda bought them a little bigger than what I would normally buy them 1 because I know they will shrink and 2 because I wanted a more loose fit Im gonna expirement cause im really not a t-shirt kinda girl and if I like them I will go back for more ;)

Now the skinnies omg I adore them !!!I have been looking for a pair for ever and a day now and just couldn't come across one with a perfect fit ... The week of my birthday I found this one at a little store called Giti at the mall and tried them on and loved them and hesitated and after all that I didn't get them because I was looking for something to wear for my birthday weekend in Florida and not skinnies even though I needed them how crazy right? well I told myself I'm gonna think about it go to my trip come back and if it's really something I need I'm gonna go back.. so yesterday I went and got my nails done and came home with my new red skinnies I can not wait to wear them!! and I really do think this was a smart purchase .. and if you see me rocking them a little too much you now know why he he he

is it just me or everything out right now you just want to go crazy and get ???
omg I went to the mall and just got the skinnies and was being a spoil brat cause I wanted to shop for a couple of other pieces us girls are never satisfied ha ha ha !!!

oh and finally I got my go jane shoes that I ordered about 3weeks ago about 2days ago and I can not wait to wear those too.. I got 2pairs I know and they are both the same shoe you know me !! I think I'm done shopping for a while :)

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Shasie said...

Hey girl! Love your buys. Basic tees are great and great essentials, but I wanted to let you know that I couldn't see your comment link becuase the color was black on black, I had to highlight around the bottom of your post to find it. Others may think it disappeared and may not comment. But I really stopped by to let you know that I gave you a Blog Award today so stop by blog to check it out!

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