Sunday, May 15, 2011

Red Weekend...

 f21 dress~steve madden heels~thrifted clutch

Seems like I wore red the entire weekend but these pictures were taken Friday nite, we were on a date and I took my honey to one of my favorite restaurants in Atlanta Apres Diem we had the best time .. So happy these days!!

h&m blazer~f21blouse&leggins~steven madden heels~michael Kors purse

And this one was taken today right before heading out to a friends house who invited us for dinner we were running late but I happened to take a few secs to snap this one picture sorry I didn't have any more pics to share of today's outfit I promise tomorrow will be back to normal :) feels like Im wearing the hell out of my New Steve Madden heels but Im just too inlove with them not to wear them with everything I see in my closet..Hope everyone had a great weekend ..Happy Sunday everyone!!!


Shasie said...

Love the red H&M blazer! Wow your man is super duper tall!

Live Life in Style

Corie said...

I've heard of that is the food?

You two look adorable together. But umm girl how tall are you? LOL

Love that red dress!

~Jeimy~ said...

Shasie yes girl he's tall he's 6'8 and Im 5'1 so yeah on a good day I might hit him below his armpit lol ha ha ha

and Corie you should check it out it's really like a chill spot the vibe is different which is great cause it doesnt target just one specific group the food is great too and not expensive at all check it out some time and let me know what you think I love the calamari and their chicken focacia sandwich I don't think I spelled that right lol

Margareth said...

So romantic! beautiful look!

nnannabannanna said...

you guys are so cute