Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mixing Prints Again...

H&M Scarf~GoJane heels~F21 Jeans~Burlington Purse~Thrifted Top&belt

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!! Slowly but surely Im giving in a little more to the mix prints trend, I told you guys Im gonna start slow ha ha ha !! I didnt want to do too much but yesterday it was quite cold in the Atl so I decided to throw in the scarf !! Let me know what you think?  Hope everyone is enjoying the week soo far

Quick question ????

When do you take your blog pictures?

The reason I ask is because I tend to only have time to take them right after work and Im always rushing and sometimes I just wish I didnt have a normal job so I can  have all this time to take pictures but hey we live in the real word so you gotta work!! I was also asking because I go into Chictopia and Chicisimo and LookBook and see all these crazy outfits and I wonder do people go to work looking like that or go out in the streets like that ? ?  or do they just wake up and decide let me throw this on real quick take a picture and then change and go to work .. I just wanna know lol !!!



Inez of Style Chic....360 said...

I normally take my shots right after I get dressed and before I head out. I live alone and so I used a tripod. I don't really take outdoor pics as much as I would like since it is just me.

Sometimes I wonder where some of the ppl are going too so I LOL by your question.

You look great as usual!

Prissy said...

you did great at pattern mixing. Stripes & leopard looks so good together.


Bajan Beauty said...

I love stripes and leopard together, looks great. I take my pics right before work with my tripod or after work. I guess those individuals with eclectic style have eclectic jobs to match, lol.

Corie said...

Jeimy you look so cute!

I usually take my pics after work. Today I had to use a tripod because my daughter was staying after school. but yeah...I see some of those shots from Lookbook and yes I'm sure some of them do go to work and wherever looking like they do. I see some at my job! lol

BESOS LYNN said...

OK, I know what you mean! I take my pics after work as well. I have come home and changed my clothes for pictures, but not often.

Ife' said...

haha! I totally understand. I used to feel that way about sites like Chictopia. I think a lot of the girls are younger and they are students or work in non-corporate industries. I work from home now so that poses a whole different set of issues. Being appropriate isn't an issue but most of the time, I don't have a real reason to get dressed during the work week. Seriously, why do I need to get all dressed up to sit in my house in front of a computer? I don't go anywhere doing the day. Sometimes I go out after work, I prefer taking pictures outside in daylight. It's tough, but eventually you will find a balance that works for you.

Eboni Ife'

Black Butterfly said...

haha I think the same thing too like "are you really about to wear a thrifted 50s prom dress and fur coat to lunch with your friend? seriously?" but I usually take mine either after work or right before I go out at night.

I liked your outfit without the scarf but a leopard bracelet or ring would've been nice =)