Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sheer Nudes & Red

Thrifted vintage clutch,skirt&blouse~gojane heels~random accesories 

Happy Wednesday My first day back at work and I just could not wait to get dress this morning I was soo excited cause I couldn't wait to wear all these pieces together that I was soo lucky to find all of them in this little thrift store that sells all kinds of vintage clothes!! the colors together went soo well :) I was happy all day for no reason I wonder if people at work thing Im going crazy ha ha ha but with this find who wouldn't be walking all happy around the office ha ha ha!! It's the middle of the week already hope everyone is enjoying the week soo far Im ready for the weekend it was hard to leave my honey this morning and have to go to work after an extended weekend :)

p.s. sorry about the brightness and lighting of these pictures :( I"ll work on that for next post :)



Shasie said...

Love these color combinations!! Those shoes are great!

Gorgeous code said...

Love your shirt and shoes! gorgeous colors! xx

Baby Budget Blog said...

Loving the soft shades of pink, the shoes and the clutch!

Mai Musings said...

I love the colors and the blouse adds such a lovely feminine touch.