Thursday, April 28, 2011

Blocking Againnnnnn!!

h&m blazer~f21blouse~new york&co capris~gojane heels~thrifted vintage clutch

My name is Jeimy and I'm addicted to colors :) Ha Ha Ha  !!! This was my work outfit for today minus the blazer it was warmer this morning and around lunch time but right when I was ready to take the pics it got a little windy and chilly so I threw it on and I think it worked well, or do you think it did? well weekend is almost here 1 more day looking forward to family and friends and some much needed rest!!
Happy Thursday everyone



Corie said...

Well I love it! If I had more colors, again, I would totally be colorblocking! Great outfit.


I Goodie 2 Shoes said...

I luv it!
I would dread color blocking because people would look at me all KRAZA!
And then I thought hmmm you been dressing this so #carryon!