Friday, March 29, 2013

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Hello everyone happy Good Friday everyone!! Today I wanted to share my new babies, well they're not new anymore because I wore the nude sandals a few weeks back when we got a bit of summer weather for a day, and I decided to wear open toe shoes in the middle of winter lol.  I wore my camouflage skinnies and paired them with those sandals you can check them out here they're really comfy and cute and I can not wait to wear them when it starts to get warmer again.  Now on to the black pair, and did I mentioned that I'm in love with these black shoes? They are similar to the Zara ones I purchased a while back but these I got them at the only difference is that they're 4 inches vs the Zara ones that are more like 2 1/2-3 inches. These I feel like you can dress them up a bit more and the Zara ones are more for casual days. So on days that I want to be chic comfy I'm going to wear my Zaras and when I feel like being dressy I'm gonna rock these. Over all I'm not mad that I have them and they're both similar because when you love a shoe you will wear them all the time and if they make me happy that is all that matters. Hope everyone has as wonderful Easter weekend and enjoy the pictures! 


FOXY ET AL..... said...

The nude pair is my favourite


pupifashionblog said...

Preciosos los dos modelos, me encantan.


Anonymous said...

Loving both pairs of shoes!

LV said...

Cute shoes! UrbanOG always has the best shoes.

YoyosFashions said...

Love them!!

Jaela Lopez said...

Ooo!! I love them all, I'm sure you'll wear them well.. I'm still lusting over your polka dot pants. AnyWay, thank you so much for your comment.. Love you and muah!!!