Tuesday, November 13, 2012

City of Takamatsu Japan for the weekend...

One of the tallest bridges in the world...

 Japanese Fan Museum"

 game time!!!
 the fans are amazing how cute are they?
 outside after the game icing his knees some kind of therapy..
The team bus...

some of the Japanese players..

Hello everyone! This weekend in Japan the honey's team had to play away from home games, which was a real challenge because the only time we could be together was after the games and only for a few mins. In the meantime the staff took the time to show the wives and girlfriends around to spend the time while they were in practice. The great thing about it, we all got to see a new city, I got to see him play 2 games  and we did a ton of sightseeing. And after the long ride home and getting the "win" the team and the wives and girlfriends decided to celebrate with some bowling and karaoke fun times indeed!! Hope you all enjoy the pictures!!




WOW!! what a amazing experience!! You look so happy !!

BessieAkuba said...

Lovely!! Looks like a really good time.

Carsedra McKoy said...

Great photos, looks like you all had alot of fun!! You two look so happy together and that is so wonderful!!!

Carsedra of:



Annie said...

Such awesome photos! Love your blazer, stripes and boots combo - so cute :)

The Other Side of Gray

Mai Musings said...

Awesome experience. You look beautiful as usual and so happy.

Ashley of Southern (California) Belle said...

You and your man are so very cute! I love these pictures, it seems like you're having fun. Even if you only see him for a few minutes, I'm sure it's better than being away from each other completely.



Southern (California) Belle

P.S. Love those boots!

Jersey Blogess said...

how stinking cute are you both!! love it!! and you look great! hope you had a great time in Japan.

LA Lynn's said...

The pictures are gorgeous! You guys look great together!!!!

It's a blessing to spend time together & in Japan!!!!


Fifth N Sixth Closet said...

The photos are so beautiful. You guys look great together and you're glowing. We're sure you're having a great time and fun experience. You look super cool and chic in the first photo, love the colors...Also love the burgundy and print combo in the second. Amazing as always.

Enjoy the rest of your stay!

Chic Therapy said...

lucky you to go to such a great country

Milex said...

love it

LV said...

WOW!!!!! Such great photos and you look so beautiful and stylish. You always look amazing:-)