Saturday, October 8, 2011 gave me the opportunity to try out one of their Hana Flat irons and I couldn't be anymore happier! I tried it out on myself and let my daughter try it out also the day she was getting ready for her Homecoming party. I absolutely love the flat iron and I will for sure recommend it to anyone. It's a 1.5" light weight HANA flat iron and it goes all the way up to 450 degrees, after using it I noticed my hair had a beautiful flow and bounce and it was extremely shiny. It came in a leather pouch and is very easy to carry around I take it everywhere with me specially to the gym and if you decide to travel it's soo easy to pack and go. 

 my daughter absolutely loves it and told me that with our other flat iron she had to retouch her hair every 2-3 days and with this Hana Flatiron she only has to do it once a week! This flatiron now disappears from my bathroom drawer from time to time he he he.. and guess who has it? Below is her finishing look.

My hair it's a bit more coarse than my daughter's hair so I had to put it at a higher temperature to get the look I wanted. But overall the flatiron is fantastic and it get's the job done! This was my finishing look! Love it!!

They have all kinds of amazing products!! The Moroccan oil it's soo great for any hair and texture! They have the original CHI Flatirons and many more, check out all of they're flat irons at

They also have a line of hair dryers too you can check them out also!

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity I'm so flattered!
Go check them out !!!



Oreleona said...

my gosh i love ur hair!! its so bouncyy! love the finishing look! i'm gonna have to try this iron :) thanks for the review!

Dr. Reginia said...

A good flat iron is a must. The temp gauge is extremely important. Both you and your daughter are amazing beauties.

Sarah @ Pencil Skirts and Lattes said...

You both look absolutely fabulous! Great review. Interesting the difference the new flat iron has on your daughter's hair.

Anonymous said...

Both of yall had great results at the end

Inez| Style Chic 360 said...

I wish they made smaller irons! I would totally get one for my short hair! I've seen so many great reviews and results from their products!

JAELA said...

Your hair looks really beautiful and shiny....Love the way it flows..great job