Friday, September 23, 2011

Things that make me smile...

Fall Weather

I'm soo happy fall is finally here!! This is my favorite season and the cooler weather expands your wardrobe to another level you can layer, wear booties no leggins,wear leggins if you want to, small jackets beautiful cardigans and tons and tons of blazers :)

Gold Glittery Nails

Lately I have an obsession with gold and these nails polishes too!! This is my the color I have on my nails right now and I love love love it!!!

Exercising :)

I'm loving exercising these days because since I made the decision to loose weight on August 1st  I've started working out eating better and I've lost 15lbs and tons of inches and it has become part of my life and will be something that I will never stop doing. After gaining weight over the summer I realized when you gain weight it becomes even harder the next time around when you want to loose the weight again. I will always try my best to get some form of exercise 6times a week. Nothing feels better than looking good in your clothes specially us bloggers and showing off our outfits ;)

My Gold cuff, watch & necklace

I've been living in these accessories for the past month and I just can't let them go. I'm absolutely in love with these three pieces I got at F21 and I'm gonna try to go back this weekend to see if I can find them again to have doubles I just feel like these pieces add something gorgeous to my clothes and life like a sense of chic-ness ;)

My black Suede Pumps...

I had a black pair of pumps I bought from Bakers last year and I bought them a size too small and they were just uncomfortable and I couldn't return them so I would wear them all the time and be uncomfortable just because I wanted a black pump with my outfit .  So after a while I told myself it's not worth it to be grumpy tired and uncomfortable just to look good, so I put them in my Goodwill pile and  have been sad ever since until last weekend I went to this little shoe store called "Shoeland" and I found these gorgeous pair for $18.99 and omg they look and feel awesome I can't stop wearing them !! I'm soo happy now I can go with a big O smile to Goodwill and drop them off :) I got them in Blush too :) you know me gotta have them in every color!!

Wendy's Apple Pecan Chicken Salad
This salad for me is by far the best salad ever !!I eat it everyday and it's delicious everyone who knows me knows I'm addicted and I have it at least once a day and on weekends I probably have it  twice for lunch and dinner!! It has  tons of great ingredients Roasted sweet pecans, cranberries,light blue cheese, the perfect Greens Romain lettuce spinach and the dressing is to die for, it gives the salad that extra sweet taste that you grave at the end of a meal. Omg you guys have to tried it I don't sponsor it or anything like that I just love it and it has helped me loose weight too :) just in case you want to know it has 570calories and 50grams of good for you carbs!

 My beautiful flowers I got Tuesday ...

And last but not least my gorgeous beautiful flowers I got from my honey on Tuesday, every morning I walk in the office it brings a smile to my face because I forget I have them. It just brightens up my day  and reminds me that I have someone that is always thinking about me and trying to make me happy even from a distance, and that's what true love is all about !!

Happy Friday Everyone!!!



LA Lynn's said...

I'm loving all the pictures as they made me smile as well!!!! :))

BTW, adore the GOLD NAIL POLISH!!!!


Dawn (Sassy) said...

Nice post Jeimy!!!



All That Sparkles said...

I love the fall too...and those gold nails! =O

Style & Poise said...

Lovely pics...I am on the weight loss thing too girl! I have been doing the same thing as you but I try to work out every other day..I am not on your level yet..working out 6 times a week..KUDOS to you! Congrats on losing 15 pounds thus far!!! That salad is great and I was addicted to it for awhile too but you have to try the one at good!!!


Kheira said...

I want this gold nail polish !! *_*

#1Shopaholic said...

Congrats on the weight loss. It's so hard! But nothing better then feeling like you're closer to your goal! Good work! Love the post. I've had that salad before and it's pretty good.