Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pool Blue...

please excuse my shoes while I sat down I scuffed them a little with the pool side walk :( but my babies are ok :)

Gap Denim top~New York&Co skirt~Urbanog Heels~Miami flea market necklace (old)
F21 Cuff~Thrifted Clutch

Happy Tuesday Trust me I was ready to throw myself in the pool after taking these pictures it was soo hot outside!! Lately I've been loving pencil skirts I wore this one before on my lace post about a week ago but I wore it with the slit on the side as you can see below..

This time around I wore it with the slit on the back like how it was meant to be and it kinda gave it a different look :) I know this is one skirt I will be wearing over and over again I love the fit and it goes with anything!! I think  this is one piece you will be seeing on my blog alot :) it's been such a long day ended up running some errands after work and then decided to take pics and then went to the gym like around 8pm  after an hour and half cardio session I took a shower ate dinner and now Im here blogging ha ha ha when I should be in bed. Well off to bed I go .. Hope everyone has a good night.



beuxgc said...

Lovely look, I like so much, the clutch is fantastic!!Kisses


Infinite Addiction said...

Great post! Love the look :)


Hell Notes for Beauty™ said...

I'm so loving denim tops especially paired with white. You look fab as always!

Naturally Fashionable said...

So cute....I love how a denim shirt goes with everything (one of my wardrobe faves)!

Ms Glenesse said...

I would have never thought to pair these two together! Looks great!

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#1Shopaholic said...

Very cute! I've been also dressing denim up for work. Love it!

PureMorning said...

Great look - I like your bracelet :))

Pretty Dark Girl Style said...

Looking Fab as usual!!! I just found some great jewel tone pencil skirts thrifted this past weekend, can't wait to wear them :)... Love the look!

BlueVanilla said...

Very pretty photos! Love love those shoes!

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Corie said...

gorgeous as ever! I'm going to have to try that look with the denim shirt.

I like that necklace too!

I can't wait until the temps drop. It has been rather hot out. Crazy weather!

Toria said...

Love the denim top...the skirt fits well...cute!