Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tropical vibe..Only thing missing was the beach..

~F21 Skirt~GoJane heels~Random Belt&Accesories~Thrifted top :)

Happy Wednesday Everyone!! This was my Yesterday 1st Day of Summer outfit!! I've had this top for over a few months know found it at a thrift store and just couldn't wait to wear it. I was waiting for the summer months and since they're here and in full force I decided to take this piece out, mind you this was not the outfit I had in mind but for some reason the other oufit didnt work out soo well so I had to put it back and since I write everything down and only wrote down 1 outfit I was standing infront of my closet sleepy and running late for work I just couldn't put anything I grab this top the skirt and accesorized it and ran out the door. When my honey walked me out of the house yesterday he told me for someone that had no clue what she was going to wear this morning this outfit looks great on you you look beautiful awww my  baby!!! He made my day !!! Hope everyone is having a Fabolous Wednesday



MissyBurns said...

I just ran across your blog and I LOVE It. I m someone that has no fashion sense at all and you have inspired me to stop just throwing any ole thing on and actually take pride in what I wear. You have the perfect shape too! I have recently started my weight loss journey and I would love to have your shape! if you don't mind me asking, how much do you weigh and what size do you wear? I am going to make it a goal to be your size. I dont want to be too skinny and I think you are the perfect size! Thanks for posting such AMAZING looks!

Chanel said...

Wow!!!! You look fabulous. Thanks for visitng my blog. I'm following back. XO

Corie said...

OMG you do look so tropical! That's one of the reasons why I love your site...the colors. Of course the other reason is the outfit. Totally chic outfit.

btw...I use a Nikon D5000. I need an upgrade though. A new Nikon just came out but I'm looking for someone to fund it for me. lol

happycache.tumblr said...

I love that top!! I found your blog through Chictopia!:-) Nice to be here on your blog so I can see more photos of you :-)


Anonymous said...

Missy thank you soo much for stopping by my blog and being inspired I feel like I've done my job :) thank you on the compliments on my shape although now that my boyfriend has been home I've gained about 10lbs which I very unhappy with..he plays international basketball and 8months out of the year he's away so I focus alot of working out and eating less in a nutshell.. Im really short 5'1 and my weight ranges from 137-145 but lately Im up there at 150-153lbs which has been the biggest I've been in like 6years I havent been hitting the gym like I use to I try to go 4/5times a week now I only go about 2/3 days a week and eating more is also not helping. I had come soo far along with my body and I feel like I dont want to let it go cause it took my a long time to get were I was Im talking like its been years since I've ate right and exercise but that's how I feel. I told myself that Im gonna continue to work hard at it and stay motivated.but it's hard when you havent seen your man and all he wants to do is wine you and dine you and the gym is the last thing on my mind!!when I do get in the groove I eat a low carb diet for the most part tons of protein and about 3 protein shakes a day. Im hoping you do reach your goal it's really hard but with commitment you can do it.. Just make sure you incorporate weights girl that will make your body look amazing I use to not believe in it and the 152 I currently am now is not the 152 when I use to only starve myself and just do cardio.. so think about that also... thanks again for stopping by hope you become and follower and also if you have any questions please email me or send me a message here



Anonymous said...

Chanel I love your blog and style Im such a follower thanks for stopping by and becoming a follower on my blog it's all about support!!!

Corie thank you honey girl I just didnt even know how to wear this top and I picked it out last minute and I guess it worked .. I googled the camera and it's an awesome one Im shopping around thanks for the info


thank you for stoppin by hopefully you can become a follower :)

Jeimy :)