Thursday, June 30, 2011

Prints in the Night...

Thrifted romper&Belt~GoJane Sandals~No brand in Purse from Burlington coat Fa.

Last nite my honey and I decided to go see Transformers 3 so I have the luxury of wearing 2 outfits and take pictures for both :) yayyy me !!! I got this romper at a thrift store and was iffey about it at first cause I thought it looked too much like a grand mother's romper lol but once I put it on and added my favorite pieces of the summer my cognac Gojane sandals and belt omg it did it for me ( I know you guys might be sick of me wearing my cognac sandals with belt and my bag but I loveeeee them!!!) when my honey saw it he loved it and thought it look really cute on me :) I must say I love Thrifting it's become one of my favorite things to do and I just find the best things ever.  I know I will be wearing this romper again soon, I wasn't able to wear it out like I wanted to all day long so Im definitely working on accessorizing it a little different next time around and wearing it soon. Sorry about my pictures being soo shiny in the face area lately, now that  the Summer weather  is here omg I just can't seem to have a matte look on my face with all this heat it's been above 90 since late April :(  Hope everyone is having a great Thursday soo far . I'm soo ready for the long weekend ahead!!



Chanel said...

Love the print and that bag! Cute look : )

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeimy, I love your blog and i live in Atlanta. Where do you go thrifting here? You find the cutest pieces.

~Jeimy~ said...

thank you Chanel xoxo

hey anonymous lol I go a little bit everywhere most of the time im in the atlanta area goodwills and sometimes in pleasant hill little spots around there hope this helps if not let me know



OMG you are so beautiful and i love this outfit!!!
My honey loves to see transformers too..they are so cute ahahah

Lots of love
ps : see my blog too if you like :)

Gabrielle said...

LOVE IT! So stunning

JAELA said...

You look gorgeous J....I love the shoes...perfect

Raisa Hermida said...

I like that shoes a lot! and that "fluor" color looks great on you!
I follow, follow back if you like my blog :)

Shasie said...

I love this print!! So fabulous!

Live Life in Style

Meagan said...

You look adorable! Thanks for linking up!

MissRockwell said...

That romper is SWEET and definitely doesn't look like it belongs to anyone's grandmother. It looks great on you!